Every pastor, and his family, need ENCOURAGEMENT to fulfill their ministry with joy. We desire to infuse
courage into our pastors so they can move forward with confidence.

Pastoring a church can be a hard and lonely calling and knowing you’re
not alone in this calling can be a great encouragement.
We also know that pastoring a church affects the whole family and if
the pastor’s wife and family are not encouraged it will impact what God
desires to do in and through the church. Often the whole family pays a
price for the ministry God has given the husband and father.

We want to come alongside and encourage not only the pastor, but his whole family as well.
We believe in this so much that we have asked DIANA CONNER to help us give special attention to the wives and families of our association.
We will provide encouraging engagements and fun events to support our pastors and families. We want to see our ministry kids seeing their parents having fun together with other ministry families. We want to see pastors wives enjoying the journey that God has for her and her family.
Encouraging a pastor to be healthy means his family is encouraged as well.