We EQUIP pastors with resources and opportunities to develop their leadership competencies and next level of ministry.

We recognize that the role of a pastor is both a calling and a profession that is to be developed. While the Word of God has not changed, the church, communities and culture around us is always changing and pastors must be learners who are ready to address the challenges they face. We provide Pastors Equipping Days to focus on some specific topics and skills that our pastors can grow in their knowledge and proficiencies. They will receive resources to continue their own development.

The last PASTORS EQUIPPING DAY focused on:

  • Developing an evangelistic culture within your church
  • Preaching pointers for pastors
  • Leading yourself & the
  • relationships pastors need.

One of our SBC entities will be invited to each Pastors Equipping Day to help pastors know more about our SBC family and what it provides.